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Hey, how’s it going? You may not have gotten the memo. This site has moved on to NeatandKeen.com. It’s still got all the same posts, remarkably similar layout, but it’s also got the newer posts, too. This site is staying up as sort of an archive until I can figure out a nifty way to redirect old links to the new ones or something.

Adventures in Screen Printing, Etc.

Love Poem Print

Love Poem Print. 12.5″ x 19″. Open edition on French Paper 80# Starch Rain Cover Stock

Last week I had my first successful print come out of my very own studio by my very own hands. It isn’t the finest print anyone has ever made, but it’s an important milestone for me. Now that I feel a little more comfortable with my process I am more confident about future prints and investing more funds into ink and paper. Also, you can buy your own copy now.

This particular design was out of practicality. If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have other designs that incorporate this poem that I wrote. This design came out of the fact that I had 100 sheets of this paper left over from a print that didn’t work out and I wanted to print something on it. It may be difficult to discern on your screen, but the actual paper has a slight blue tint to it. So this got a layer of white behind the larger letters so that the smaller print would really pop. Continue reading

Progress report: End of March 2015

Once again I have fallen behind my posting duties here. You’d be surprised how long it takes to craft a well thought out meaningful post. So here are some highlights:

Love Poem Film Positive

Love Poem film positive for exposure

  • My screen printing studio is coming along. It’s been a bunch of highs and lows as I figure out one thing and then fall on my face at another. Above is a film positive for screen in which I hope to print a new design of my Love Poem which was featured over at Kind Over Matter today.
  • I’ve been to the West Coast!. Last week I got back from California where I was checking out the LA area and investigating a job opportunity. More on that later.
  • In addition to the opportunity out west, I’ve still been thinking about the Tentative Quest, in which I tour all 50 states taking my art and music with me. It still sounds crazy, but the idea is getting harder to shake.
  • Whatever is coming, I feel like the changes are big and scary, but I guess that’s just part of life. When I quit my job two months ago I put those changes into motion and the only way to kind of avoid the coming changes is to take on another factory job somewhere, which I’d really rather not do. As much as my house is starting to feel like a home, I feel like I may have to let go of it to help usher in whatever change I choose.
  • I’m hoping to make some updates to this website soon, maybe even a new name. I feel like “johneverettmorton.com” is a lot to type out. Right now my biggest focus is getting my screen printing process going (even as the possibility of selling my home becomes more real), so I haven’t be as diligent about updating this site. However, you can still see pretty regular updates at my Facebook page and Instagram.

The Search For Truth

Apple and wormWhat do we really know? I mean, really, really know to be the absolute truth?

Imagine you have an apple in your left hand and another apple in your right hand. You should probably know that you have two apples. Now imagine someone comes along, takes one apple from you, takes a bite of it, and hands it back. You don’t quite have two apples anymore, do you? You have one apple and most of another apple. Even if you took the bite from the apple instead of someone else, you don’t still have two apples. It’s close, but not quite two whole apples. That bite of apple is now inside of you. In fact, it’s now becoming a part of you. It’s being absorbed, turned into energy, and what isn’t turned into energy will become waste. You turned a bite of apple into part of a human being.

Let’s back up, back to when you had two whole apples, one in each hand. You decide you’re going to eat the apples, but maybe you’re going to wash them and cut them up first. As you’re getting ready to cut up the first apple you notice on the bottom a very small hole created by a worm. It isn’t really of much consequence and when you cut up the apple you see that the hole inside the apple has closed up, the worm has come and gone long before the apple was picked, the apple healed for the most part leaving only an almost imperceptible hole in the bottom through the skin of the apple. The worm’s bites are hundreds of times smaller than the first bite you take, but are no less real. The worm had its meal from your apple, turned that bite of apple in to energy and waste for itself, and left behind most of an apple for you. Most of it. A whole lot of it, but not all of it. So now it looks like you didn’t even have two apples in the first place.

The preceding is an excerpt from a work in progress.

Process: Guitar Playing Robot Final Chapter

At last the time has come to present the Guitar Playing Robot print! Nearly a year in the making, here is the final result and some thoughts and notes on the process.

Full-size actual print

Mom models the Guitar Playing Robot print for the camera

Note: This is Part Four of a process post. For earlier posts see Process: Digital Art Editing of the Guitar Playing RobotProcess: What Counts As Cheating When Making Art?, and Process: Edition Separations (Again) For Print.

Continue reading

Progress Report: What’s Up Doc?

Under Exposed Screen

Failed screen exposure, February 27, 2015

Ack! I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties again. Here is a progress report.

The Love Poem Project

Unfortunately my Kickstarter project was not successful. I should probably be more disappointed, but just because I didn’t get funding for the prints doesn’t mean the idea is dead. I hope to use the words and some of the imagery in future projects even if these exact posters don’t get printed.

Job Leads

A couple things of interest have come up. Most notable is a possible lead out in California. That’s a big move and a big change of scenery, but maybe it would be a great opportunity. I hope to be hopping on a plane shortly to go check it out. Continue reading